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Video Games Are an Important Music Discovery Tool for Gen Z, New Survey Finds

As you might imagine, as technology continues to unfold, for each generation, there are new ways for for them to discover music. This latest survey saying that in this day, in 2021, a major way that this is happening is through video game which is no surprise.

According to the new report from MRC Data, Gen Z is also a key factor in the recent uptick in vinyl sales. Twenty-eight percent of Gen Z music listeners use video games to discover new music, making it just as popular as television among that demographic in terms of music discovery, according to the just-released U.S. Music 360 report by MRC Data survey, which was conducted July 12 to July 27, 2021. (MRC Data is owned by Billboard’s parent company.) Fortnite was something of a pioneer in that convergence, hosting much-hyped in-game performances from Travis Scott and Marshmello.

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