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Limewire has added AI Music Creation to their AI Art Creation

A few months back, Limewire announced the capabilities of their platform for AI art creation. Now they are announcing capabilities for music creation.

With their new Limewire AI Music Studio users will be able to "produce" full length tracks as well as create the cover art and then make it available all on the one platform.

Whatever you create on the platform you have full rights for. This is in contrast to creating music on other AI platforms where the rights are not assigned to you, perhaps because of how the AI was trained, or what it was trained on.

In terms of trading and selling, it is all done on the Limewire site using the Limewire token, LMWR. The token is the linchpin in their revenue share program which is monetized by their ads program. Limewire reports out that they have over 2 million creators on the platform and they have generated at least 500 million AI generated works.

Limewire says that they aim to level the playing field for creativity, so seemingly make it easy for non artists to create art and non musicians to make music?

LimeWire was founded in 2000. It was an illegal and controversial file-sharing platform. It reopened last year as an NFT marketplace, and rolled out a new subscription service for creators and brands, in addition to the one for musicians, earlier this year.


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