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How to Create The Biggest Income Streams As An Indie

Create Income Streams from Licensing (B2B) and Fans (B2C)

Everyone says if you want to make money from your music you have to focus on sync.

They are right.  You do.                   

But they never tell you how to do it.  Who to pitch to? What tools to use? What to say?


Don’t worry, we have you covered!

At the same time, we have never seen a musician make a living off of just one stream of income. It’s not just gigging alone. It’s not just streaming alone. It’s not just beat sales alone. It’s not just sound packs alone. It’s not just sync licensing alone. It’s not just merch alone.

It’s a combo of 4 or more of these and other avenues

We help non-performing and performing musicians build the income streams that will provide livable income.

On the Business licensing side, we open up the world of licensing music in business, whether it’s for content like TV, or music for big enterprise, music for fitness apps, or licensing your vocals for AI usage. We give you the Artist Relations contacts and submission links for every opportunity that is paying.

On the Fan side, we give you the tactics, and social media content strategies to build your list and followers organically with people who actually know you and like what you have to offer. We give you the blueprints on how and what to sell to them, and how to build a subscription community from them. We give you Pre-Release plans and Post-Prerelease 90 Day Promo blueprints for new music rollouts.

In the indie music game, KNOWLEDGE really is POWER. We are the ONLY COMPREHENSIVE INDIE MUSIC BUILDER on the internet. We are the ONLY platform that builds the blueprint deck for our members for Free.

The energy in the music industry is moving quickly. Tech changes the opportunities, by the day.

Jump in, leverage our information, and move your music EARNING forward.

Ready to get started? You need Total Access of Songs That Work
Screenshot (5).png
  1. You want to start by claiming your Digital Workbook so that you can track all of your pitches

  2. Then go to the Contacts Section and browse the listings to see who you want to pitch to.

  3. Then go to the Email Templates section to find the right email for each pitch.

  4. Then go to Marketing in Media, Brands and Enterprise section and WATCH THE VIDEO.

  5. Decide what tools you want to use to pitch your BEST songs, and GET TO WORK!!

There is no end to content these days.  It needs music.  Might as well be yours.

Get Your Music In Front Of People Who Pay To Use It!

Music Supervisor Journalist, Music Industry Contacts

Music Tech Platform News Daily

Information on Music Companies you can INVEST in and earn

Free Resources for Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Video Production

Personal Digital Workbook to keep all your business info in

All Music Registration, Copyright, Metadata Instruction

Media Seeking Music Listing Updated Daily

Festivals and Contest Info

Instruction On Every Other Way To Make Money From Your Music

Email scripts for Music Supervisors, Journalists, Small Brands, Influencers, Large

Some Who Have Used Tools Within #STW


What Clients Say


Even with all my placements and hits, so much of this stuff from [STW] was all new to me, learning that these sites to support the sale of my music exist was crazy. All this time, I was missing out. The digital CRM workbook, the contacts, placements gives STRUCTURE. Everybody can benefit from this as far as monetizing their music digitally. There is a lot to gain."

- LT MOE (Producer of Wale "On Chill", Ludacris)

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