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About Us

About Us

Songs That Work is a labor of love and respect for our fellow independent musicians and songwriter community. In watching the evolution of the music industry over decades  from analog to digital and all of the ways it decimated and wiped out creative income, we have always had a driving curiosity to stay nimble with the trends and changes and take a more active sales and marketing role with our own and our colleagues’ music.  

It is a pivot for many creatives but an essential one.  Members of our team have worked with and on the label side at Rowdy/Arista Records, on the publishing side - BMG & Sony,  on the music theatre/Broadway side with Motown's Berry Gordy, in Hollywood in television production on Jimmy Kimmel, West Wing, and for the last ten years in music technology primarily at places like, industry leader Native Instruments, and East West/Soundsonline.  During our time in music tech, we have client managed top talent to earn from their musical IP in new and exciting ways.   Songs That Work was created to make this new path toward driving one’s own earnings as easy and organized as possible.

Our team:  Abbe, Kia, Terry, Stephanie, Mira, Romnick, Jagveer.  We standby to help you set up an earning business quickly and in the most orderly way possible.

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