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Songs That Work

We Match Your Music & Brand to the RIGHT paying opportunities 

FREE Personalized Consult to set up YOUR income streams with $34.99 Total Access Membership

"It's Not A Hobby.  Music is your intellectual property.  You deserve a real wage for it."

Bypass the gatekeepers with our "done-for-you" Personalized Blueprint, Contacts & Paid Opportunities!

The songs you create, mean that  you are an entrepreneur with a product to sell. We show you EXACTLY how to do it with SIX AREAS of earning for your business. Our members are creating their own economy.

What We Do In A 2 Minute Nutshell - WATCH”
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Songs That Work is NOT a Multi Thousand Dollar Course Dump like all the others you have seen on social media.

It's a
monthly Membership into a daily maintained Information Platform.   Our Mastermind Community of Musicians are working every day to build earning independent businesses.

Leave behind the fruitless marketing and music releases that leave you in the red.  
Shift your focus and energy into the deals and products that will give you a real earning business.

An earning business will provide you with choices, and freedom.  Freedom is the Goal.


Get the STW Mindset to approach this work from the perspective of working with the end in mind.

Finally prioritize the right activities that are revenue producing in your indie music business.

Get exclusive access to our team via phone and email, admin support for song pitching, all the done for you processes, tools and  email templates for song submissions, tracking song protections, distributions, royalties, business spend, and more.

Companies STW has Consulted For or Partnered With

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Features and Benefits

Real time paying opportunities, industry contacts for your music + song submission admin support

Slide Deck Presentation of Personalized Help and Recommendations

Digital Workbook to track your songs, pitches, earnings. Instructions to explain every step

Blueprints on how to create and sell physical merch, digital items & subscription content

Contacts for Production Music Libraries, Music Software Artist Relations, Playlisters, Publishers, Festivals, Contests and more

Weekly Video Updates on all New Info added to Platform.

  • Attorney Contact List / PR Contacts List / Ad Agency Contact List / Artist Relations Contacts B2B

  • Mastermind Morning newsletters that give deep actionable insight for massive returns (only for Total Access Members)


What Clients Say

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"When I met [STW] I was still working 2 full time jobs and sound designing.   A year or so later I quit my jobs and pursued my music career full time.”

— Maserati Sparks (YoungThug, French Montana)

3 Options for Access + Free Trial!

  • Total Access Zoom Call 15 Income Streams

    1Hr Zoom w Blueprint Slide Deck in 15 Streams Income + 1 Month Total Access Contacts/Opptys FREE
    Valid for one month
  • Total Access 9 Income Stream Consult

    Blueprint Slide Deck w 9 Streams Income + 1 Month Total Access Contacts/Opptys For Free
    Valid for one month
  • Total Access Inner Circle

    Every month
    Give Me Total Access To $ Music Opptys/Email Contacts + Free Personalized 4 Streams Biz Set Up


  • 1. What makes the members of Songs That Work so successful?
    Mindset and access to info that others don’t have - Our community members see the end from the beginning and they set out doing this work from THAT mental picture. You can never outperform the mental picture you have for your music performance or music business. We offer personalized support through analyzing your music and brand to help you set up the foundational pillars of your money streams. Then you just continue to build upon it.
  • 2. I’m just getting started building my catalog. Should I join now?
    Yes because the first 3 modules of information will help you Protect, Register, and Finish your songs with all of the codes, metadata, and art, distribution outlets, mix and master engineers, lyric registration services, discography registration services etc., that you will need to make sure everything is buttoned up before pitching to B2B for licensing opportunities, and releasing B2C to fans. Also, all the contacts you need for media, playlists, publishers, music supervisors, and music instrument and software companies are right there for you to begin creating your game plan for the music when it IS finished. BEST PART, you will be a part of the community receiving the weekly video updates of new paying opportunities for music, Morning Mastermind emails and other special announcements only available to our members
  • 3. I don’t have a team, will this be too much work for just me?
    No you can do it in about 2 to 3 hours a week or you can outsource the work out to a Virtual Assistant for about $5 per hour. We show you where to find them and how to set that up. There is no point in making songs if you or someone else is not submitting them to business opportunities for you.
  • 4. Do I need to be tech savvy?
    If you can create a song, you can use these tools.
  • 5. Is there any support available?
    Yes, Total Access members get a private, dedicated email with access to our team for any questions. They also get the Free Personalized Email Consultation Deck with instructions for them to build the foundation of their business.
  • 6. I don’t have a big following, will this work for me?
    Yes. The entire point of Songs That Work is that even with thousands of streams, most indie musicians are not making enough money to live. We can and do have a section to show you how to get more people streaming, but that is not what we focus on. We focus on going after Business Budgets for publishing and licensing, as well as selling fans larger ticket items, which pay a ton more than streaming ever could. We also focus on getting paid for content creation and programming across a myriad of social platforms.
  • 7. Couldn’t I just figure this out on my own, isn’t it all on YT or Google?
    It’s not on the internet sadly, and the pieces that are, are not compiled and organized for you to easily grab and get to work. That is why we created STW. We compile our info from 20 years in the industry (relationships), working at two labels and two different music tech companies to give indie musicians a level of transparency to get into the game at a level that they previously have not been able to do.

Some Who Have Used Tools Within #STW


  • No one can sell your music better than you

  • No one cares about your music more than you

  • You can make music for the love and still make money.

  • No more digital sharecropping, providing music of value to platforms and not receiving a measurable payment in return.​

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