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YouTube Music surpasses 50 million subscribers

YouTube just hit 50 millions subs and is on it's way to becoming the dominant streaming platform for music consumption.

Back in June, YouTube‘s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen, suggested that YouTube Music was the “fastest growing subscription service out there”. (YouTube Music is available as a standalone subscription platform, or bundled into a YouTube Premium subscription.).

Said Cohen, "We’ve got killer products in YouTube Music and YouTube Premium that deliver truly unique value to artists and creators and the best experience for music fans and video lovers. We’re in our own lane. There’s no other place where fans can get uninterrupted access to the largest and most diverse catalog of music, artists, and culture. We’re making it easy for music fans to go deep and find their thing – whether that’s on YouTube or the YouTube Music app".

On YouTube you can learn lyrics from lyric videos, see live versions of a song, the music video, covers, behind the scenes. It allows a many layered experience of music for an enthusiast. Because of this diversity of types of experience available on YT, it seems that they will continue this trajectory of growth.


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