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Independent Artists upstreamed to Believe

Indie artists on TuneCore are now being upstreamed to French major artist services and development firm Believe in the ongoing Signed By program

What do you think about this? So far 340 DIY artists have been upstreamed to Belive. Great news for artists that are looking to grow in the hands of a larger firm instead of doing everything themselves. I guess the questions are around what do you give up to go into mainstream music management/development and how long do you get or give for this development to take place?

Believe CEO speaks on the partnership

“Because of the symbiotic nature of our businesses, we are able to identify emerging talent early on through TuneCore and then further develop and support the artists journey with Believe L&AS and Artist Services,” said Denis Ladegaillerie, Believe CEO. “The acceleration of artist

The company was founded in 2005 by Denis Ladegaillerie, Arnaud Chiaramonti and Nicolas Laclias.

Although operating from its global headquarter in Paris, France, the company is legally headquartered in Luxembourg, supposedly for tax purposes. Believe acquired the US. distribution service for independent artists TuneCore in April 2015. Believe Digital's expansion was fueled by $60m growth capital investment from Technology Crossover Ventures(TCV) and XAnge. In August 2016, the company acquired the French independent label Naive Records for €10m, seeking to improve value from the company's extensive back catalogue, and restarted the label's issuing of new recordings as physical CDs in 2017. Believe has been accused of copyright trolling, particularly on YouTube where it has been alleged to engage in claiming copyright for works that are either copyright free or that they do not own the rights to. The company was the subject of a New York federal lawsuit alleging that they were behind large scale, willful copyright infringement.

Anything State Side like this?

The Believe/Tunecore partnership is touted as the only one of it's kind but that may not be true. Distrokid apparently also has an upstream program although no stats on the number of acts upstreamed or what labels they have been upstreamed to are available. TuneCore rival Spinnup also has an upstream program to UMG labels where at least 80 acts have been upstreamed.

Let us know what you think about this. As you use Songs That Work #STW to build out your music income, would you be looking to you distro provider to upstream you to the majors?


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