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Upgrade Your Livestreaming-VOLTA

Our team at Songs That Work is super excited to share this new platform with you. Live streaming from home has become integral to how independent artists, djs and producers earn. And Volta has created a way that you can make the experience more fun and visually exciting for your viewers.

Volta is described as a “free, self-service XR creation platform” that allows creators to construct and broadcast “metaverse-reaching” immersive experiences.The company says that it allows live streaming artists to use any audio source (desktop audio output, midi controllers, metadata, DAWS like Ableton Live or Logic Pro, etc) to automate various visual effects in sync with their music in real time.

Take a look at Mojaxx using it here in his live set.

Volta is a music tech start up. And has recently raised $3m from this primary round: Pixelynx (Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, & Richie Hawtin), Christopher Leacock (Jillionaire/Major Lazer), Techstars Music, 7 Percent Ventures, Dave Wu (Maveron), Fores VC, Acequia Capital, Dave Edwards (Senior Vice President of Audiomack), Boost Capital, Supernode Global, Courtney Stewart (Right Hand), Robb McDaniels (CEO of Beatport), and Electric Feel Entertainment (Post Malone, 24kGoldn).

Volta claims that this is the first ever initiative of its kind.

What they are able to do is pretty amazing. It complete raises the bar for home desk concerts, Twitch dj streaming and the like. And its FREE! Production values for live streaming instantly enriched!

Volta says that its goal is to create “viable revenue streams for artists who are otherwise prohibited from engaging in new platforms due to a lack of resources or experience”.


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