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TuneCore strikes partnership with Peloton Music

TuneCore, one of the OG DIY music distribution platforms, has struck a partnership with connected fitness brand and luxury exercise bike maker, Peloton. TuneCore Artists who want to send their releases to Peloton Music, can now head to the Store Manager section in their account dashboard. This is game changing. As of June 30, 2021, Peloton reports to have had over 2.6 million songs under license, representing what it says is “one of the largest audiovisual connected fitness music catalogs in the world”. Within the last year the platform’s music strategy has included a multi-year partnership with Beyoncé, a music festival , and a remix series of Elvis Presley hits, which Peloton says were ‘later picked up for broad commercial release by Sony Music‘.

Andreea Gleeson, TuneCore CEO, said: “There is a deep connection between music and exercise, with the right music improving the quality of workouts by increasing stamina, reducing perceived efforts, and boosting moods. “We are proud to bring the songs of DIY indie artists, the fastest growing segment of the music industry, to Peloton’s passionate fitness community.
#STW Songs That Work is a big proponent of these type of platform partnerships for indie artists to maximize their music earning. If you are not distributing thru Tunecore now, it might be time to give them another look!


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