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Tracklib partnership with Repost/Soundcloud

If you are a creator that likes to use samples but hates all of the headache of clearances or paying for licenses up front then this is good news for you!!

Tracklib, a service for sampling and licensing original music, announced a partnership with Repost, the distribution and creator services division of SoundCloud, to make Repost’s professional marketing and monetization service a preferred distributor on the Tracklib platform. Through the partnership, creators and producers will be able to distribute their Tracklib-sampled tracks, all while their streaming revenue is reported automatically to Tracklib and paid to the right parties, leveraging Repost by SoundCloud’s automated payment splits feature.

This aims to simplify the process and support fast and easy automated digital revenue payment, meaning creators and producers can spend less time with revenue reporting. Tracklib is currently the only sampling platform to support automated royalty payments with vetted distributors.

“Tracklib is pleased to partner with Repost by SoundCloud to refine, simplify and further automate the process of clearing samples,” said CEO & co-founder Pӓr Almqvist. “We look forward to continuing making improvements in the industry with Repost by SoundCloud. SoundCloud has always been an important and creator-first platform, so this partnership resonates well with us.”


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