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Timbaland creates virtual group-Bored Ape Yacht Club

Timbaland has announced a new metaverse-based entertainment company, dubbed Ape-In Productions (AIP), that will use Bored Ape Yacht Club characters to perform music and sell products as NFTs.

The new company will use the NFT characters to perform music and sell virtual products. Bored Ape Yacht Club -- founded by Yuga Labs in April 2021 and comprised of unique cartoon ape drawings minted on the blockchain -- is one of the most successful NFT projects to date, having already amassed over $1 billion in trading since its inception just seven months ago. For buyers, the quirky cartoons function as both an investment and a status symbol, with many owners setting their social media avatars to the Ape they purchased. Owners of Apes are able to exploit the NFTs' likenesses for profit and can also "flip" the Apes to reap even higher gains on NFT marketplaces whenever they're ready to sell. Just like a rare baseball card, Bored Apes are viewed as collectibles, often functioning as the crown jewels in a buyer's crypto collection.

AIP's Bored Apes will act as a front-facing digital performer for songs. Those who opt to purchase these AIP NFTs will gain access to exclusive perks, including merchandise, events, studio sessions, custom art and concerts, all contained within the metaverse. Timbaland is also in the process of launching Beatclub, a marketplace where muscians can send sell their beats and soundpacks and keep 100 percent of their profits.

Creators can request an invitation.


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