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TikTok is becoming a curious kind of music streaming behomoth

Check out these stats! A billion people are now using TikTok globally– around three times the global audience Spotify pulls in.

Take, for example, PinkPantheress , she doesn’t just use TikTok to get her music out to fans; she uses it to actively self-A&R her ideas. “I post a snippet of [a track], and if people like it I’ll go and record a full version,” she recently told the BBC, adding: “The algorithm is crazy on TikTok, you can post a video and you can have zero followers and it can do well.”

Artists like PinkPantheress, of course, are also using TikTok to get noticed by the big record labels: Some 70 acts were discovered on TikTok and consequently signed by major record companies last year, according to TikTok’s own stats.

Tik Tok is about to release the beta launch of SoundOn, a direct-upload service – plus a suite of tools – for independent artists who want to see their music thrive on the platform with an eye to helping artists build and feed their fanbases online. This fandom factor is attracting music’s biggest names. The past few months have seen everyone from Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran and ABBA launch their own TikTok channels – while other artists, most notably Jason Derulo, have built their own mini-media empires on TikTok.

Ole Obermann head of Music at TT says,

"The other side of it is that TikTok creators who aren’t musical creators themselves, are using music. Musicians get paid off of the back of that, and it can become a healthy revenue stream. It helps break songs and artists, consumption goes up on the other platforms, more tickets are sold, a bigger live-streaming event can happen etc. So you’ve got two sides coming together. And it massively expands the pie."

Songs That Work recommends going into the Social Media section our website for your program level to extract tactics for earning from your music and content being on the various streaming sites. TikTok is an important play at this stage due to the current way the algorithim is organized. This can and will change but take advantage for now while you can.


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