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The Value of Selling Sounds and Vocal Samples

Did you know that Universal Music Group has a secret website where they sell sound packs and samples?

Interesting enough, It can only be used by artists who are signed to other major labels.

According to the Usample website, the service offers a catalog of around 7,000 “rare” tracks, that, Universal says, come “from the depths of the [UMG] archive, digitised for the first time since the original pressings”. so some of these could be pretty old. It’s explained further that each and every track on Usample’s website was originally made as library music for TV and film. Usample says that some of the early releases on its website date back to the early 1960’s and 1970’s and that “these legacy works are highly sought after by crate diggers and record collectors alike”.

They have a lot of vocal acapellas and just interesting instrumentals etc. Want to remove the drums or extract a vocal part? Our state of the art AI software allows us to isolate or remove parts from these historical tracks for the first time in history. Also have the find soundalike feature: According to Usample, UMG’s AI software also powers what it calls a ‘Similarity Search‘ tool that aims to find a similar sounding track to one a user might have in mind and be looking to use in their work. The major adds however, “that whilst all of our music is pre-cleared making licensing easy, our work is not royalty free and must be cleared by your label in the normal way”.

Consider the fact that Universal Music Group has been sitting on these samples for decades and likely licensing them for tv/film projects but now is widening the licensing capabilities of them. Sample collections are a MAJOR source of revenue for any music business including ours. I don't care if you are walking around your neighborhood recording random sounds that you cut and filter or if you are creating piano loops or if you are cutting up your own acapella vocals. The more sound packs you own, the more literal money you have in your bank.

Total Access version of Songs That Work, shows you all the specs for creation, and platforms and contacts for selling sound packs in the section called: OTHER WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR MUSIC.


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