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The Science Behind TikTok Success is Changing

Have you noticed fewer viral moments are happening on TikTok? Savvy marketers are saying that they are adjusting strategies. The app has changed drastically since it launched based on the data. In December 2018, TikTok had around 270 million monthly active users, but that number has now ballooned to over 1 billion. “More users means TikTok’s ‘For You’ page algorithm has more content to offer, and it also means more data that allows it to be more targeted with its content recommendations,” explains one digital marketer who requested anonymity with Billboard to speak freely about campaigns he worked on.

“This means people are less likely to all see the same thing, like Charli D’Amelio dancing, and are more likely to see content from niches the algorithm recommends specifically for them.” The best recourse, instead of trying to get big influencers to post your stuff is to run test posts in various niches.

Songs That Work covers how to DISCOVER niches, and how to drill down to, market to, post to and work within niches in the FULL VERSION of Songs That Work. (Look in Class Slides for the NICHE slide).

Always work the niche! When Feshbach is hired to work a track, he usually tries to run a series of different test posts and steers clear of influencer-focused accounts completely. “People are naive to the various corners of TikTok,” he says. “Some of it is lyric edits, some of it talks about horoscopes and zodiac signs, some of them focus on arts and crafts.

Any niche on TikTok outside of the influencer space is infinitely less expensive than the influencers. If you put $1,000 into a test-spend, realistically you should be getting at least 20 posts up.” Then it becomes more of a painstaking grind; no “voila!” here. “You go back through the [user generated videos] that came out of [the test spend clips] to see what’s working,” Feshbach says. “Double down on what’s working. Read and repeat.” “Songs often resonate and start in these different micro communities — there are an endless amount of corners [on TikTok],” Thomashow notes. “If you find something that starts to work, you can expand. What are the other concentric circles that you can move into?”

If no user generated videos are coming out of your posts then check engagement with the posts you put out and boosted. If they are not performing then you go back to the drawing board.

The last piece, have patience. Test your content, make your plan based on what is getting engagement, double down on those posts and be patient!


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