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Tech Stocks, Including Music Tech Stocks are Taking a Beating

Inflation and market uncertainty are causing some serious losses in the tech sector. People breaking out of lockdowns may also be playing a factor as well.

Spotify shares fell 13.3% to an all-time low of $95.74 Wednesday and closed at $96.67, down 12.4%, after the company released earnings results for the first quarter of 2022.

Roblox is down 75% from all time highs during the pandemic.

Warner Music Group is 20% down over the last year.

Netflix is down 60% over the last year.

The last time that the stock market tanked in a major way, back in 2008, many people stepped in and bought stocks super low and super cheap and were able to cash out high during the tail end of the Trump era.

In Songs That Work we list the companies that are public, in the section called, "Grow Through Investing!" that you can add to your investment portfolio, but IF you decide to purchase in this economy, these are some things to think about:

-where is the bottom of this market?

-if I lose what I put in now, will I be able to survive?

-do I believe that the market will rebound again and if I do, WHEN?

-do I believe in the strength of the the dollar especially with the advent of Bitcoin and crypto in general?

After Covid, mandates, lock downs, wars, forecasts of war, then more war, inflation, forecasted food shortage by the US President, you will want to think carefully about your next money moves. The market works cyclically, so it always pumps then dumps, but if your money is tight, or insecure, then don't take chances with it. There are safer and more stable places to move dollars into, like gold and silver bullion.

*STW is not a financial investment advisor. This is not financial advice, or instruction. Invest in the markets and crypto at your own risk.


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