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Spotify Teaching Artists How To Earn More By Not Paying Them More

Spotify launches music career advice platform it says is ‘like an artist manager in your pocket’.

On the ‘In Focus’ site, artists can choose from 21 ‘focus’ areas across five career categories defined by Spotify, including “create, promote, connect, earn, and learn”.

The company cites other tools like its playlist submission tool, Canvas, and Soundtrap Capture app as all being “intended to put more control in the hands of artists”.

Spotify also lists its ‘Marquee’ feature as one of these tools. Marquee is Spotify’s paid for in-app recommendation tool, which allows labels to pay cash to Spotify in order to directly advertise priority releases to customers on the platform.

Under the “Earn Revenue as an Artist” category, sub-sections include information on how to sell more merch, sell more tickets, earn streaming royalties, create new revenue streams and “understand the music business”.

Under the “Create new revenue streams” section, Spotify writes: “Rapid changes in media, live performances, and technology are creating more and more opportunities to monetize. Discover how you can diversify your revenue streams as an artist like never before.” This one is especially hilarious since they want you to create more revenue streams instead of paying you more on what should be your PRIMARY revenue stream.

This is the equivalent of someone peeing on you and telling you it is raining. Diversionary tactics to keep you off code. The code is-----> Spotify and all the streaming services need to pay artist fairly. PERIOD.


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