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Spotify's New DJ Feature Is A Personalized AI Music Selector - Just For You.

You know that feeling when a friend recommends a song that perfectly matches your taste, and it feels like they're your personal DJ? Well, Spotify is bringing that experience to you with their AI-powered DJ feature, and it's now available globally after six months of beta testing.

Initially, they rolled it out in the United States and Canada and then expanded to the United Kingdom and Ireland. But now, they've now made it available to Premium subscribers in about 50 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, and South Africa.

How Does It Work?

Imagine having a DJ who knows your music taste like the back of their hand. This AI DJ lives in the 'Music' feed section within your Spotify mobile app. It doesn't just randomly play songs. It allegedly selects tracks that match your preferences based on your past listening history.

But here's the interesting part – it also talks to you. You get vocal commentary that is designed to be your own personal guide.

Why Should WE Care?

Spotify and the other streaming services have all been sort of antiseptic since their debut. The past algorithms have been dry and without a DJ hyping you up in between songs, it's just seems like a flat experience. This is meant to add a personal touch to your music experience, making you want to keep coming back for more. At least that is what Spotify hopes.

How Can This Benefit You as an Independent Musician?

We always have to get down to brass tacks. What does this mean for us, the indie music community? If Spotify's AI DJ can introduce listeners to new songs and artists based on their preferences, there's a better chance they'll stumble upon your tracks. The AI should be less biased than human curators, so honestly there is a better chance for your song getting offered to someone, no matter how many plays you have if the metrics and metadata of the song match what a person likes. We'll watch and see how this part works out. 🎵


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