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Splice's AI Function Creates Songs BY SWIPE - Creates Urgent Need For More/Your Soundpacks

Tired of the hard work of producing? Now you can swipe right and swipe left and make a song.

Splice carries more than 2 million royalty free samples, with its Splice Sounds library launching new sounds from the likes of Murda Beatz, Clean Bandit, Oliver and Fraser T Smith in 2021 alone. Below we show you how to become a Splice Sound Pack Supplier.

This catalog of pre-cleared sounds has proved hugely popular with bedroom producers and established producers for superstar artists alike.

Now, Splice wants to make the process of finding those sounds, and layering them, as simple as swiping left and right in an app.

The company has launched a new artificial intelligence-powered music app called CoSo, which uses what Splice calls its ‘Complementary Sounds’ AI technology to create music “in split-seconds”.

Splice says that its CoSo mobile app, available on Android and IOS, uses AI to find sound samples from across the Splice catalog that work together.

The company claims that its app can “unlock billions of musical outcomes”.

The CoSo app uses what Splice calls ‘Stacks’, a collection of up to eight looping layers of different elements like vocals, beats, bass lines, guitar parts, keys or FX etc.

When you’re in the app, you can select the style of the music you want to make, from “Beats” to “Chill” to “Disco/ Funk”. Some of these styles are only available with a Splice subscription.

You can then set the BPM and add up to eight layers of elements like vocals, drums, pads, keys etc using the plus icon at the bottom of the Stack.

Like a dating app, by swiping right on one of the loop layers, CoSo will look for another sound that fits with the entire Stack of loops.

You can keep swiping right on a layer until you a find a sample that you like, or swipe left to delete a layer.

We don't really love the idea of not auditioning sounds and losing the entire creative process of creating a song. But on the bright side, the absolute ease of people swiping right or left means Splice will need a TON more sounds. So if you are creating sound packs, NOW is the time to strike and get on the platform. We provide the Artist Relations contacts for Splice in the FULL VERSION of Songs That Work under the section called:


We also provide EMAIL TEMPLATES for you to pitch your sound packs under the section called: EMAIL SCRIPTS/TEMPLATES

If you don't know HOW to make Soundpacks from your music we teach you how in the FULL VERSION of Songs That Work too! Look in your FULL VERSION CLASS SLIDES and Watch the Video in the section:



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