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Splice and SoundCloud join forces to launch artist development program, Nova with monetary support

Nova is open to unsigned Splice and SoundCloud creators and the partnership starts with a series of contests across the Splice and SoundCloud communities. According to the Nova landing page, the winners of the first Nova Contest will get to produce their own Splice Sounds pack. Splice is set to release twelve Nova Artist Packs, collections of signature sounds, loops, and samples, starting January 2022, and artists can enter the first contest starting today (October 26). LINK TO SUBMIT is in Free, Tier 1 and Full Version of under Festivals/Contests

Selected Nova artists will have their music amplified on SoundCloud’s Distribution Network and the top four “SuperNovas” will get “enhanced marketing and distribution services” including distribution support, investment, and amplification from SoundCloud on their next project, including $20,000 marketing spend.

The four winners will be picked by teams at Splice and SoundCloud.

In February 2021, Splice, which claims to be used by over 4 million people, closed a $55 million round of Series D funding, led by Goldman Sachs’ GS Growth.

The round took Splice’s total funding to over $155m, including a $57.5m Series C funding round in March 2019.


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