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SoundCloud launches artist-signing JV w/ Coach K and P’s Solid Foundation Mgmt (Migos, Rich The Kid)

Soundcloud has two tiers of service currently:

(i) A user-facing streaming service, which offers both ad-supported and subscription (SoundCloud Go+) income streams; and

ii) An artist services business, under which indie artists can not only upload their music direct to SoundCloud, but also distribute their tracks to rival services like Spotify.

SoundCloud also offers additional tools and resources to indie artists under the Repost By SoundCloud brand. Recently, SoundCloud launched a new top-tier of artist service offerings, known as its “roster”. Under these “roster” deals, particularly successful independent artists – including Lil Pump and Tekno – ‘sign’ direct to SoundCloud, with the company paying advances, investing in artist marketing etc. just as a traditional record label might. (Songs that Work wonders if these deals are worth it, or if it would be better to just invest in a decent PR person and stay free? But that is a debate for another day.)

Today (February 22), SoundCloud has leveled up this artist services business, via an intriguing joint venture with Solid Foundation, the management and creative services arm of QC Media Holdings. QC Media Holdings is both owned and operated by respected music industry veterans Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas. Lee, Thomas and their Atlanta-based Solid Foundation artist management team say they will work collaboratively with SoundCloud to identify, invest in, and foster the careers of artists bubbling up on the platform.

A press release from SoundCloud suggests the JV will ultimately create “custom A&R programs for selected artists inclusive of development, distribution and marketing and artist services”.

As part of the joint venture agreement, QC Media has invested an undisclosed amount into SoundCloud which indicates that Soundcloud needed a cash infusion. Pierre “P” Thomas added: “With our years of ear-to-the-street skills coupled with SoundCloud’s endless stream of talent and powerful data pointing to what is authentically bubbling up in the scene. Chart-topping artists developed on the Quality Control / Solid Foundation roster have included Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, City Girls, and more.


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