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Songtradr enters wellness space, partners with music for wellbeing label Myndstream

B2B music licensing platform Songtradr has partnered with mindfulness label myndstream for sync services. Myndstream is described as a label that “harnesses the power of music to help listeners relax, rest, focus, reduce stress, inspire creativity, and calm anxiety”. This means Songtradr will introduce a new genre of music to its current lineup. myndstream’s music has also been used in prisons, hospitals, and governmental organizations to relieve high stress levels, support conflict resolution, and to create tranquil and productive environments.The company has recently partnered with notable brands such as Calm, Sweaty Betty, SARVA, and alo.

As discussed in previous blogs and throughout the Songs That Work programs, these are the types of platforms that offer new and exciting revenue for the musician who is diversified, just like your investment portfolio, you want to be as diverse as you can musically to widen your earning streams.

The contact for myndstream is in all 3 versions of the Songs That Work program as an Enterprise contact.


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