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Roblox Still Bullish on Music Metaverse with Elton John "Beyond The Yellow Brick Road" virtual world

Elton John launches ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ virtual world on Roblox. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be launching ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ on Roblox. I’ve seen the joy that Roblox has bought to my boys and the possibility it creates by the ability to interact with fans in such an exciting, and forward looking way has been mind-blowing to me,” Elton John said.

You can see a bit of it here.

Fans can immerse themselves in the artist’s music through interactive challenges set to his hit songs, join daily scavenger hunts and trivia quizzes.

They can also dress up their characters in his (digital) fashion collection. The collection that is on virtual display also includes free items made with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Major League Baseball and inspired by the outfit that Elton John wore at his legendary concert in 1975. Visitors can also earn and collect “yellow bricks,” the currency used in Elton John’s virtual world. Fans that are able to gain VIP access can get a dedicated message from Elton John and have their avatar appear on stage with him at his final Dodger Stadium show on November 20. To celebrate the launch of Elton John’s virtual world on Roblox, the platform will be hosting the ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ experience on Roblox starting on November 17, followed by additional performances re-airing hourly through November 20.


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