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New Music Investment Platform MasterExchange Has Succesful IMO Debut with Alvaro Solo's "Sofia"

While NFT song royalty investment has been falling silent, fiat song royalty investment seems to be on the rise.

Masterexchange sells out its first IMO Initial Music Offering an ‘IMO’ centered around the track Sofia by Alvaro Soler, co-produced by T.I Jakke. Released on July 25, 2016, "Sofia" has achieved an incredible feat of amassing over 2 billion streams across various platforms, clinching platinum status eight times in Italy and twice in Spain.

The enthusiasm surrounding the IMO was palpable, evident in the swift doubling of Sofia's share price on the MasterExchange platform – from an IMO price of €7.50 to an impressive €15.00. With 4,000 shares available, the song's market cap now stands at an impressive €60,000.

Alexander Fred-Ojala, the CEO of MasterExchange, couldn't contain his excitement: "The response to this IMO has been overwhelming, showcasing the resounding appetite for music-based investments." This oversubscribed offering highlights the keen interest from fans and investors alike, validating the notion that music holds immense potential as an investment asset.

If you did not know about the initial offering, the good news is that MasterExchange's secondary market, known as the Exchange, provides an avenue to acquire shares through user-to-user trading. As the platform celebrates this impressive debut, they are already teasing forthcoming releases and additional IMOs in the upcoming fall season. MasterExchange's accessibility extends to users in the UK, the European Union.

Interestingly, this movement toward fiat purchases and away from the crypto market reflects a shifting landscape. While the previous year saw royalty purchasing opportunities through NFTs, the focus has now turned to traditional fiat purchases. The conversation around crypto's role in investments has been tempered as governments work toward classifying these assets and developing their own digital currencies.

For American would be song investors, there is another platform called JKBX that will be offering a similar opportunity very soon which we of course be covering in our updates on the platform.


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