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NAS NFT Drop for single "Rare" Happens Tonight on Platform, 9pm EST

Nas and the producer Hit Boy are offering up 50% of the streaming royalties on the new NFT platform called

This is what the drop page says:

Royal tokens give you partial ownership in a song's streaming royalties. For Rare by Nas, a total of 50% of the streaming rights will be sold. Percentage ownership per token is different across each tier and is shown above. Collectors will receive royalties as the artist gets paid.

The smart contract is on Polygon (MATIC).

Smallest ownership of .0133% is 700 tokens at $99 which is total of $69,300

Next level of ownership is .0658% is 400 tokens at $499 which is total of $199,600

Top level of ownership 1.5789% is 10 tokens at $10,000 which is a total of $100,000.

So they are getting $368,900 on 50 percent of the streaming royalties of the song. For an average song this is WAY more than the song will ever be worth or earn. Also if the song is used for sync, in a movie etc, the token holders don’t see any part of that money. The artist is merely monetizing the shares of the song that don’t pay much when the average person streams it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc. It’s a great plan for musicians to get paid for the work they do.

If the song does do numbers, and whenever the artist (God Forbid) passes away, you may get made whole on your investment at that point, but other than that, it’s a vanity purchase for super fans and there is nothing wrong with that. It could almost fall into the category of ‘merchandise’.

Songs That Work covers more about how to make and mint NFTs in the Free, Tier 1 and Full Versions of the program in the class slides.


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