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Mexico, Brazil Consume More Music on Average Than Any Other Markets: IFPI

According to data culled from the IFPI's recently released "Engaging With Music" report, which dug deep into the music consumption habits of 43,000 people in 21 countries, Latin American countries are the top consumers of music worldwide, by a wide margin. Leading the charge is Mexico, a country where people consume most music per capita: 25.7 hours per week, compared to an average of 18.4 hours per week across the globe. At No. 2 is Brazil, where fans listen to 25.4 hours of music per week. Finally, Argentina -- the third Latin American country included in the study -- is at No. 6, consuming 22.6 hours of music per week. "This isn't outlandish for 2021," says David Price, IFPI's director of insight and analysis. "What we see year on year is that Latam countries -- Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, where we’ve focused -- are typically the highest consumers of music. They listen to more music than any other region we studied." The trend only seems to be going up with new technology. Short-form video, for example, has exploded everywhere in the world. But while the global average TikTok use is one in four people per day, according to IFPI, in Brazil 57% of all respondents use the app daily, more than anywhere else. Mexico follows, with 52% of daily use.

#STW says that in Latin American countries people live to enjoy their lives, primarily. Capitalism and all that goes along with that is a secondary affect. For other countries to have these kind of stats would require a change of lifestyle and that is not going to happen.

"Music is very emotional and affective content," says Price. "You really have to understand how it fits into people’s lives. It’s a complex question. And just looking to replicate something in another country is very difficult."

But people in Latin countries listen to ALL kinds of music so here is a hungry customer base, that if you pay attention to them, the sky is the limit.


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