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Mewo, the Startup Moving into the Music Sync Scene

A startup platform called Mewo is making waves in the world of music synchronization (sync), and it's important for us indies to stay up to date on what is happening.

What is Mewo?

Mewo is a platform that's making it easier for music supervisors to find the perfect tunes for films, TV shows, video games, and advertisements. Think of it as a "Spotify for industry professionals." It helps these music supervisors quickly search through a vast collection of music from various top-tier platforms. Mewo's AI-assisted search engine simplifies the process, making it more accessible and efficient. The AI searching is based on METADATA tags which is of UTMOST importance for musicians we will discuss this more later.

Why Does This Matter to Indie Musicians?

Here's the deal: the music sync business is growing quickly with the proliferation of streaming content. Globally, sync accounted for 2.4% of the entire recorded music market in 2022, with revenues reaching a staggering $640.4 million. This is a significant source of income for musicians.

However, the world of sync has been a bit fragmented, making it challenging for musicians and music supervisors to connect seamlessly. This is the gap Mewo aims to fill.

How Does Mewo Benefit Indie Musicians?

Mewo has two types of users: music rightsholders (labels, publishers, and libraries) and music supervisors.

According to Rémi Agostini, Partner and CEO of Mewo, some music rightsholders have seen their passive income grow significantly through the platform. Independent labels are also reaping the benefits, with increased visibility and profitability.

In a nutshell, there is an opportunity to make some of your music that lives in the more popular Production Music Libraries to be more visible with the use of Mewo. The idea is to create more opportunities and revenue streams for artists like you but you have to first have music in these libraries.


Inside of Songs That Work, section > Music Libraries and Publishers, are the listing for the most prominent libraries along with their submission details. Use this to get your music where it can be found through Mewo.

Don't Forget About Metadata

The way that the platform works is to look for songs via metadata tags: bmp, genre, upbeat, melancholy, competitive....tags like this.

Songs That Work explains how to make sure your metadata is covered in the Songs That Work class sides in Module 1. Don't Miss It, the future success of your music depends upon it!

(see Total Access Class Slide Below)


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