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Linktree has acqired Songlink/Odesli

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

This could be a game changer for linking to songs out of your social profile. Linktree is in the process of integrating Songlink/Odesli into its newly launched Music Link feature, which enables artists to widen their digital streaming footprint and facilitates a way for fans discover new music.

With this acquisition and new feature, Linktree takes a “significant” step towards becoming a “one-stop-shop” for touring, merchandise and streaming, says the company.

The Linktree platform is utilized by more than 16 million users globally, including TikTok, Selena Gomez, Red Bull, Alicia Keys, Facebook, the Los Angeles Clippers, Jessica Alba, Comedy Central and HBO. Artists will be able to link to using Music Links to share content across 16 major music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

Each Linktree visitor recieves streaming results that are personalized for their geographic location, and interactions with Spotify embedded content that will count as a stream for the artist. Artists with Linktree PRO accounts will be able to measure fan engagement including which streaming services are most popular, where fans are located and from which platforms audience traffic is coming from. This acquisition and new product offering is the latest in a series of creator-focused partnerships, feature expansions, and product developments for Linktree. In May 2021, Linktree introduced the Passion Fund, a $250,000(USD) global grant program designed to support creators, activists and entrepreneurs. Alex Zaccaria, co-founder and CEO of Linktree, said:

“Before co-founding Linktree, my brother Anthony and I spent a lot of time helping artists grow their audiences and establish their digital presence, having come from three generations of family-run music businesses."


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