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Latin music gaining marketshare in US

Latin music continues its winning streak with U.S. recorded music revenues growing 37% to $407 million for the first six months of 2021, according to the RIAA's 2021 mid-year Latin revenue report.

“Latin” understood as music that’s performed primarily in Spanish. Latin music now represents a 5.8% share of the overall U.S. market .

Michele Ballantyne, RIAA COO, said in a statement,

“This sustained and accelerating expansion speaks to a rising openness to new artists, music and ways of listening -- with younger fans now spending 20% of their time listening in languages other than English.”

#STW is a big proponent of using the things that make your worldview unique as a position point for your music. In an oversaturated world, you want to be a authentic and unique as possible.


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