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Ireland Launches Basic Income of Payout, $330/week to Artists & Creatives

2000 artists were picked anonymously from over 9,000 applications and those that were chosen will receive the weekly grant over the course of the three year pilot program/experiment to see what how this basic income affects the arts in Ireland.

This is a very interesting turn of events and if successful could affect all of the other countries of world in prioritizing the arts in the ways that STEM and other professions are supported and lionized.

The Basic Income for the Arts scheme will support 707 visual artists, 584 musicians, 204 artists working in film, 184 writers, 173 theater actors and artists, 32 dancers and choreographers, 13 circus artists and 10 architects.

Catherine Martin, Ireland’s Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and the Media says:

“The Basic Income for the Arts pilot scheme is a once-in-a-generation initiative,” Martin added. “It makes a strong statement about the value Ireland places on the arts and artistic practice, both for its intrinsic value and in terms of our personal and collective wellbeing, and also in terms of its importance to our identity and cultural distinctiveness on the global stage.”


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