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Facebook Is Going To Pay Music Rights Holders for User Generated Content Starting Now

We have been reporting out about labels and publisher pointing the finger at these social media platforms on how they are paying this micro sync where Content Creators are using your music in social media on their videos. In general TikTok, and FB/IG has been paying a non transparent buy out fee instead of a revenue share for each play. Or in many cases, Facebook has just not been paying at all which is why Epidemic Music/Getty Images Music is suing Facebook for $142 million dollars.

On July 25th, Meta has just announced that it is changing the way artists and music rightsholders are going to be paid from Facebook – and that it WILL now be moving to a ‘revenue-share’ model for user-generated video content.

In the last week we have also seen Kobalt Music pull 700k songs off of FB after negotiations failed and they were not able to reach a new licensing agreement with FB/META.

From now on, Video creators who choose to use licensed music in videos over 60 seconds long on Facebook will receive a 20% share of any advertising revenue generated by their creation.

The remaining 80% of that advertising revenue will then be split between the appropriate music rightsholders and Meta itself.

How the remaining 80% is split between Meta and you has not yet been announced.

Songs That Work suggests looking for your music in FB or IG as if you were going to use it in a Story because you need to:

a. make sure it is there and available (if you have old music that was distributed pre Stories, pre Reels etc, then your music may not be available and you should think about REDISTRIBUTING with a new supplier. You can do a new distribution -[MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SAME SELLER CODES YOU DID ON THE FIRST RELEASE]- with a new distributor, make sure the music is posted everywhere, you will see it in duplicate on Apple, Spotify etc this is fine, and then when you are satisfied with the new distribution, issue a take down with old distributor.)

Do not take down the old listings until the new distribution is showing.

b. if you music is showing and available on all of the social platforms then you should start checking payouts to see if you are being paid on this micro sync going forward.


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