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EMPIRE to Offer Artists Advances in Bitcoin

Money Man, a rapper hailing from Atlanta, is the first to accept the payment through Cash App.

The Atlanta MC has a long history with the technology and his new single "Blockchain," released Friday, is off his newly-announced, forthcoming album of the same name, out this week.

According to the company, Money Man took a $1 million advance through the decentralized digital currency, which equates to just under 15 Bitcoin at current valuation, or the equivalent of around $68,000 per digital token. Money Man has been vocal about his investments in cryptocurrencies in the past, saying that he used the profits from his early dip into Bitcoin to help buy himself out of his Cash Money Records deal several years ago.

At #STW we say this is not a bad play if you are WELL VERSED in Crypto and can dictate what kind of coin you would like to be paid in. Also understanding that the financial whales of the world including your label partner dictate the ups and downs of these coins, the crypto could devalue at any time so you are taking a risk. But it could be a risk that pays.


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