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DistroKid is entering the music video market with the launch of DistroVid

This is an exciting development as it gives your music visuals exposure on Apple Music so when ppl are streaming you, they can also SEE you on the same platform. As well as VEVO which has an entire team curating video and tastemaking by selecting artist who they feel like are NEXT UP.

After reaching a valuation of $1.3 billion via a fundraise last summer, music distribution platform DistroKid is entering the music video market with the launch of DistroVid. The DistroVid platform, currently soft-launched in beta, will allow artists to upload an unlimited amount of music videos to various platforms and keep 100% of their earnings. Artists who upload music videos via DistroVid will have their videos distributed to Apple Music, Vevo, Amazon Music and Tidal. Artists will also have the option to distribute to the DistroVid Gallery, a collection of all music videos submitted to DistroVid. The price point of DistroVid appears to be going through some fine-tuning. A DistroVid introduction page says that for a basic account for one artist, DistroVid will charge $99 per year, and that every additional ‘artist slot’ is then $49 per year (on top of that base $99 subscription).

However, on the official DistroVid homepage, the fee is listed $129 per year, which includes unlimited video uploads for a single artist. A 50% discount is offered for each additional artist.

When you distribute your video through Distrokid, same as when you distribute your music you HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOUR METADATA IS RIGHT FOR PROPER ROYALTY COLLECTION. We do a whole overview on the METADATA in the Full Version of Songs That Work in the section called FLIPPD (Finish, Love, Protect, Publish, Distribute).


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