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Artists Releasing Music in IPO format

Lil Durk is in talks with Exceed Talent Capital, a company that claims to let artists “create a legally compliant IPO of their work and allows everyone to invest in the talent they love”.

Exceed said it is looking into the amount of investor interest in an offering under SEC Regulation A or an IPO.

Exceed says that it will offer fans a broad range of investment opportunities not just for music artists but influencers, creators, athletes, and other talents interested in launching SEC-compliant public offerings of their work.

For artists who are looking for ways to be fan funded instead of taking advances from their labels and publishers this is a very interesting way to launch new art with fan support and also be able to possibly pay fans back with interest on their investment with successful launches.

Through Exceed, Lil Durk will offer fans a “Trenches All-Access Pass,” which can be considered an NFT. It provides exclusive access to the private Grand Theft Auto roleplay server custom-built by Lil Durk and his OTF Gaming company.

The server currently has a waitlist of over 15,000. Through the pre-sale, fans will get immediate lifetime access, limited edition in-game wearables, and first dibs on shares from all proceeds of Lil Durk’s song Bedtime.

The leadership of Exceed Capital is Anthony Martini who is one of the principals that was behind FN Meka the virtual artist signed and then unsigned to Capitol for outcry over it's "digital blackface" and denigration of culture.


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