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Another big crypto deal in music, as Opulous inks NFT partnership with Japanese giant LINE

Opulous is one of the primary companies for music NFTs, which specializes in tokenized music assets, particularly NFTs that offer buyers a share of a song / recording’s future royalty earnings. After launching back in February via the co-founder of distribution and services platform, Ditto Music, Opulous (operating as BlueBox) then powered the first ever split music copyright sale by artists via NFTs. Since then, Opulous, built on the Algorand blockchain, has raised millions of dollars and inked partnerships with big names in crypto such as Binance and Republic – deals which have in turn led to partnerships with artists like Lil Pump and Lil Yachty. (Algorand is pricing at $2.00 at the time of this writing and is available on Coinbase).

Today (October 26), there’s more big news: Opulous has announced a new agreement with tech giant LINE Corporation via its Tech Plus division. LINE is the owner of Japan’s biggest messaging app (LINE) as well as the nation’s biggest domestic streaming platform (LINE Music).


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