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Amazon Music Now Allows Indie Pitching for New Release Playlisting

Amazon recently announced that musicians with new releases can pitch their team for playlisting to the Amazon Music Team, as well as unlock a cool set of features to help reach a wider audience using the app Amazon Music For Artists. They accept pitches for global curation and programming consideration! This on the heels of Spotify for Artists, Amazon is finally looking to divert some indie artist traffic away from Spotify and towards Amazon. Since this is new, it's a good time to opt in before it gets saturated.

In app go to > Amazon Music For Artists and select New Releases. Choose one Track. Make your pitch, the more details you share the better.

Review and Submit!

After you pitch inside of the app, you can follow up with a direct pitch to the Curation, Editorial and Artist Relations teams. Details found only in Total Access of


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