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AI-powered music-making Roblox game developer Splash raises $20m ‘to launch the next superstars

Australia-based startup Splash, a developer of an AI-powered Roblox game that allows players to create music and perform to live audiences in virtual venues, has raised a USD $20 million in Series A funding.

Splash has three areas of focus including Splash Games, Splash Tools, and Splash Stars.

Using platforms like Roblox, Splash Games lets players interact with music in ways ranging from performing live to playing music-related mini-games. Splash Tools is a suite of composition and production tools for musicians to help them create and edit compositions and experiment with a number of AI-powered instruments.

The aim of Splash Stars, meanwhile, is to develop virtual popstars. Paul Bernard, Director of the Amazon Alexa Fund, added:

“Splash sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence and new media generation with a next-gen music creation game that enables people to express themselves beyond the constraints of social media. As the creator economy expands beyond pictures and videos, we view Splash as a platform that opens doors for a new class of creators and enthusiasts who are making and sharing music with their communities and paving the way for a more immersive form of entertainment in virtual worlds.


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