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Interscope has partnered with tv producer Kenya Barris

More television types like Kenya Barris and Issa Rae are starting music labels with the majors

TV writers and producers like Kenya Barris and Issa Rae are forming music labels and music supervision arms as part of their media empires. A smart move as these two creators in particular break many an artist on their shows. As this is the case, in this way they can take a piece of that pie too and also help these artists fully develop in the entertainment industry. #SongsThatWork is built on the premise that the way to grow is to market your music beyond streaming, on shows like Black-ish and Insecure. But seeing that these shows are done, we must wait to see what comes next!

“Since the beginning, the goal at Khalabo has been to tell stories that reflect our culture with honesty, specificity and from a perspective that feels unique to a singular voice,” said Barris. “Similar to how we’ve approached our television and film content, my hope is that Khalabo Music becomes a place where artists are given the space to hone their talent while embracing the specificity and individuality of their voice and sound.”

More info on the key players in this joint venture on the Tier 1 and Full Version of

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