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Joe Belliotti named CEO of MassiveMusic North America

The hire of Belliotti, a former Head of Global Music at The Coca-Cola Company, comes after the recent acquisition of MassiveMusic by Los Angeles-based music licensing marketplace Songtradr. While leading both the New York and the Los Angeles offices for MassiveMusic, Belliotti will be focusing on maximizing MassiveMusic’s potential in North America.

The company says Belliotti’s aims will be to amplify brand content and experiences through bespoke music, drive brand strategies through music partnerships, build equity through sonic branding and voice design, and provide global music licensing services.

“Our ultimate goal is to continue to simplify the complexities of music and sound for CMOs, brand teams and their agency partners, and help them create impact.”

Hans Brouwer, CEO and Founder of MassiveMusic, added: “ “With Joe Belliotti now officially on board as CEO of MassiveMusic North America, I am confident that we will continue to expand our track record as the leading music and sound partner for the world’s most innovative and iconic brands and agencies.”

SONGS THAT WORK has added Massive Music music curator contacts in Tier 1 and Full Version of website under Enterprise.


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