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Get All The Tools To Move Like A Professional Musician For Free

  • Learn to create the foundation of your business from gaining streams, selling merch and vinyl collectables.

  • Industry contacts from music supervisors, journalists, playlists, festivals and more.

  • Free classes and worksheets to help your music rollouts.

They laughed when I said I was going to make a business from my music, but when my song played in a tv show & I started clearing monthly checks from selling my digital music products....

Bypass the gatekeeping with our Information Platform, Tools & Personalized Consults!

It's Not A Hobby.  Music is your intellectual property.  You deserve a real wage for it.  The songs you create, mean that  you are an entrepreneur with a product to sell. We show you EXACTLY how to do it with SIX AREAS of earning for your business. Our clients are creating their own economy!

Musician with guitar

Songs That Work is a business set up platform for a community of working musicians who are creating earning indie music businesses.  We provide real time opportunities for music, contacts and every tool you need to take your business from $0 to livable income. 

We set you up in: Sync Licensing, Publishing, Affiliate Marketing, Subscription Earnings Thru Content, Merch Selling on Demand, Production Music Platforms, Sound Pack Sales, Beat Sales, Investing in Song Catalog and a ton more avenues.

MONETIZE not just your songs, but also your BRAND.  Learn to sell physical merch from vinyl to backpacks, sell digital items from music NFTS to sound packs & construction kits and so much more.

Complete transparency, no scams. You control what you submit and WHEN you submit. No black box of gatekeeping.

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What you can’t get anywhere else! 

❖You will learn the single most important factor to understand when setting up an INDEPENDENT music business. 

❖You will learn the top four things to do every week to grow your music business.

❖You will learn the easiest tools to use to set up your B2B business pitches for weekly and monthly opportunities and also build relationships with the decision makers for placing music across publishing, sync, and enterprise.

❖You will have access to the curiosity piquing subject headers and copy we have used to pitch songs that have synced or been accepted into production music platforms.

❖You will  learn the types and brands of physical merch items we used to sell 18 million in branded swag for companies and artists over 4 years.

❖You will find out what online music distribution companies won’t tell you about using your own metadata on releases.

❖You will learn some of the best type of social media programming to create to monetize your B2C (fans) into paid subscribers.

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Features and Benefits

Real time opportunities and contacts for your music that pay sync, mechanical and publishing royalties.

Personalized Help and Recommendations for YOUR music business based on songs and information you share with our team.

Digital Workbook to track your songs, metadata, royalties and pitches.  Class Slides/Videos to explain every step.

Blueprints on how to create and sell physical merch, digital collectibles, soundpacks, how to monetize video content, affiliate marketing, drive traffic to your releases and Every Other Way to Make Money From Your Music and Brand.

Contacts for Production Music Libraries, Music Software Artist Relations, Playlisters, Publishers, Festivals, Contests and more

Weekly Video Updates on all New Info added to Platform.

  • Attorney List  of the top artist defending attorneys in the music industry and the notable work they have done for their clients

  • Mastermind Morning newsletters that give deep actionable insight for massive returns (only for Total Access Members)

  • Physical Merch Breakdown, Vendors, Most Popular Items, On Demand production

  • Free month of Total Access with paid Personalized Consults in 9 and 15 Areas

  • Free personalized consultation with paid month 1 of Total Access


What Clients Say

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"When I met [STW] I was still working 2 full time jobs and sound designing.   A year or so later I quit my jobs and pursued my music career full time.”

— Maserati Sparks (YoungThug, French Montana)

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