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Total Access-Digital Wkbk+Personalized Consult

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Use a tablet or computer screen to best visualize and work in our platform. So what do you get? You get the FULL VERSION DIGITAL WORKBOOK to log your creative ideas, splits, royalties, music supervisor, journalist and business contacts, finances and more! You also get the corresponding slides and videos to show you how to use each Workbook tab. And on top of all of that, you get ALL of the CONTACTS info for music supervisors, journalists, Spotify playlist creators, retail brands, festivals and contests and SO MANY MORE contacts for you to sell your musical assets through with MORE BEING ADDED DAILY! You also get the email templates with the EXACT WORDING you can use to email these people and get them to open your mail and listen! You also get a CONTRACT TEMPLATE FOR A SIMPLE DEAL that you can strike with small retail brand so that they can use your music in their advertisements and social media posts. You get info on all of the ways to make money from your UNFINISHED MUSIC and ways to build your network and legacy through music philanthropy and organizations. As well as info for all the music libraries, music publishers and music production houses that you can connect with and license music through. Added Bonus: Complete weekly NEWS STREAM with latest industry info covering legal, labels, technology, streaming and business of show. There is no where else to get this information in this configuration! You have nothing to lose and all to gain!



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