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My name is David Glover, but my show name is Old King David. I have no problem bearing the word "old" as part of my show name because at 76, I totally and proudly accept myself as an old man, or old person. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Old as it applies to human life except the negative connotations put on it. Being old does not mean your life is running to the grown. It just means you're old not young. If we could just dismiss the young and old thing what a better world this would be.

Enough about age. Let's talk about why I'm here. I hope to bring to this program and to the world of music, the best music I can write. My music journey goes back to th 1960s. I started singing as far back as I can remember was in church. But I didn't really take it serious until I started singing doo wop tunes and tuning into radio. I then started writing songs I created. That lead to me later wanting to know how to write and eventually arrange my tunes. I studied music for a while and through the years I continued to write. I later discovered I had more than just writing and singing skills. I had great ideas. I wrote musical plays, did one person shows, and always created , different than the others working with me. Finally I discovered I was an innovator.

I performed and written shows about aging in a way no one else was doing. Fast forward to today. Today I'm creating a new style of music. I call it, "booma." My heart is set on building this sound and hopfully itwill catch. But whatever happens with it I will continue to innovate, and I will continue to follow my dream as an artist and innovator.

You can always contact me if you feel you can connect your artistic energy to mine. Who knows what we may com up with.

Old King David


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