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Twitch launches The Collective, a livestreaming incubator program for ARTISTS

Amazon-owned live-streaming platform Twitch has launched a new incubator program called The Collective.

Twitch will be working with what it calls “top strategic industry partners” to “source, educate, and highlight” the musicians on the platform.

These partners include Amazon Music, instant messaging and digital distribution platform Discord, DistroKid, Rolling Stone, TuneCore, and UnitedMasters. In addition to an application that is open to the public, Twitch says that DistroKid, UnitedMasters, and TuneCore will be identifying and inviting artists to apply and will work with Twitch to curate artist selection.

The program is broken down into three key components including, ‘Invite-Only Collectives’; ‘Learn the Livestream Playbook for Music’, and ‘Ongoing Twitch Investment & Support’. Twitch says that it will work with these artists “to maximize and monetize their time and community” on the platform.

Information to apply for acceptance instead of being INVITED through a partner program can be found in #STW Songs That Work under Festivals and Contests Contacts in Free, Tier 1 and Full Versions.


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