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Snapchat -New ‘Sounds Creator Fund’ Partnership w Distrokid to Support Indie Musicians-up to $100k

As of now, Aug 2022 , Snap says it will pay monthly grants of up to $100,000 to independent artists who are distributing music on Snapchat thru distributor DistroKid.

This new fund is a different grant program for any musician that has opted into the Snapchat x DistroKid distribution deal by granting all rights. Please note, artists are only eligible to submit their work to Snapchat if they own 100% of the publishing rights to the releases they are submitting to Snapchat.

Right now if artists are signed to Snap’s music label and publisher partners, they monetize their content through Snap’s label and publishing licensing deals. In addition to the three major labels (Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group), Snap’s music partners include MERLIN Members, major publishers Sony Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group and Warner Chappell, plus Kobalt, BMG, and NMPA members.

DistroKid teamed up with Snapchat to let its artists distribute their music to the social platform in March 2021. Their partnership followed Snapchat’s launch of Sounds in October 2020, which lets users add music to their Snaps.

As part of the Funding element of the program, Snap says that it has partnered with DistroKid to distribute payments for up to 20 songs per month at $5,000 per song. Snap says that, with its new fund, it “wants to help emerging, independent artists produce quality content and build their brands by recognizing Sounds creators who are driving trends and defining cultural moments – not just based on their follower numbers”. They have not said how long the program will run for. Snapchat reports that it now reaches over 600 million monthly and more than 330 million daily active users worldwide.


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