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Is metaverse RBLX Stock a Good Buy After Unprecendented Lows?

Gaming platform Roblox is throwing a “First of its Kind DJ Party” featuring a virtual performance by an avatar of superstar producer and DJ David Guetta.

Guetta is a huge in person draw as an international dj so we can only imagine what the draw for him would be in the metaverse.

The DJ set will premiere this Friday, February 4 at 4:00pm PT and continue throughout the weekend in what is described as “an interactive universe powered by the latest Roblox technology and visual enhancements”.

David Guetta’s virtual Roblox event will see him perform as his “avatar self” in what is described as “an intergalactic themed set, where attendees can navigate the show through an asteroid-traversing obstacle course”.

WMG adds: “Decked out with crystals, neon lights, lazers, holograms, and thumping speakers, the ethereal virtual universe brings fans together through DJ and dance battles, a secret puzzle used to unlock special abilities and archives, virtual merchandise (‘verch’) for purchase and as prizes, Q&As with the star, and a 45-minute music set for the Roblox community.”

Roblox stock price range over the last year $53-$141.


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