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Free.99-FREE Digital CRM Workbook & Slides, Video

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Use a tablet or computer screen to best visualize and work in this platform. Do you want to find our how you can earn more in your independent music business? Download our free notebook and get these free assets while you can! So what do you get for free? You get the DIGITAL WORKBOOK to track your music, finances, pitches and creative ideas. You also get the corresponding slides to show you how to use each Workbook tab. Journalists Contacts Music Supervisor Contacts Retail Brand Contacts Enterprise Contacts Playlist Contacts Festival Contacts Script Templates Organization and Philanthropy Contacts Social Media and Tech Platform Tactics Tips on Time Management Cultivating Creativity Artist Date Ideas Breakdown of Techniques for Sticky Songs Contacts for Contract Mixers, Master Engineers, Artwork Resources Video Production Contacts Rollout 'Rithmatic worksheet Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose! Get Started!



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